December 2017

Node, Express and Passport

Looking for a login/register capability for a new app that I was creating, I came accross the Passport module for Node and in order to understand it better I developed a simple testbed for trying the module, I have put the code on github at Express Passport example hopefully so that it will help others.

Archiving Solutions

I am actually quite passionate about the subject of Archiving and was fortunate enough to work for a short while for a UK specialist in Archiving particularly for the University Research section

Some people get confused between the terms Backup and Archiving often thinking they are the same which they are dfinitely not. Backups involve making copies of live data to be used in the event of a disaster or data loss. Archives are for long term storage of data that is intended to be used at a later time, it may not be used but it is available if needed.

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