June 2018

Been busy on archiving development

Where has all the time gone, I missed May altogether, its now June and I have had my head down developing my Archiving system, I have been making good progress and hope to have an initial release by September this year if I can keep the pace up.

So far I have developed a command line client to support the archiving command set that I am developing, I feel that my approach to the CLI is quite intuitive and easy to use. It uses a library that can be shared with the GUI and also the server

I have also developed a database to hold archiving information which can be either embedded or provided in a standalone server. I have previously debated about the need for a database to support an archive system, some views are that all data should be stored in the underlying file system but my feelings are that an archiving system is much more than a remote, replicated or distributed file system, it is about all of these plus other things such as fixity checking, meta data, replication settings, versioning, rules etc. and in my opinion this requires a database to ensure consistency with all of the underlying file systems

I am now developing the file interfaces, initially developing archiving to local file systems and to mounted file systems as these are relatively easy. Once I have developed the core functionality I will go onto either Google Drive or Amazon

Archiving - part 4

In this part I refelect on my requirments and on what I have been investigating and make some ecisions about my approach read more ...

Archiving - part 3

In this part I look at the requirments I have for an archiving system. read more ...


Have been trying out React for developing better interactive pages, quite impressed so far, have created some simple applications based on the tutorials, see the example here I have spent some time working on webpack and developing a config that allows builds to fit in automatically with the current site.

Archiving - part 2

In this part we talk about the various hardware solutions and consideration for choosing particular hardware solutions. read more ...

Long poll requests

Nowadays there are a number of different ways to communicate between browsers and web servers. One of the older methods is Long polling and although perhaps not so relevent nowadays it still has its place in the developeres toolbox. One of the projects I am currently working on is a Natural Languages application which requires a bidrection conversation between the client and the server.

As I wanted to stick to http protocols and to use something that would work across all browsers I decided to use long polling and I have created an example framework for testing this a demo can be found on this site here and the code can be found here

Speak to me

Have been experimenting with some Javascript speech libraries read more ...

Stopping my emails going to SPAM

I have noticed that my sites registration and password reset emails were going into the spam folders on my Gmail test accounts. I have added the required DNS records that I hope will fix this, aparently this can take up to two weeks to settle so I will watch it for a while before making any more changes. Here are details of the guides that I followed to set these DNS records up. read more ...

Meanwhile if you notice any problems as mentioned above please let me know, or if you have any advice on how to make this better then any help would be gratefully received.

Archiving - part 1

This is a series of articles on digital archiving during which I will try to create an archiving system that is up to date in its approach, at the moment I do not know what that will look like but based on research and hopefully feedback I hope to get to a working solution. read more ...

Website is now live

The website is now live, it was developed rather quickly and considering this then it will no doubt have some bugs and incorrect behaviour. If you think how much effort has gone into fantastic products such as WordPress or Drupal etc. to which this site is a very very poor alternative then that should be no surprise, but it basicaly works and its mine!

If you have any feedback then please register and leave a comment, it would be much appreciated.

Node, Express and Passport

Looking for a login/register capability for a new app that I was creating, I came accross the Passport module for Node and in order to understand it better I developed a simple testbed for trying the module, I have put the code on github at Express Passport example hopefully so that it will help others.

Archiving Solutions

I am actually quite passionate about the subject of Archiving and was fortunate enough to work for a short while for a UK specialist in Archiving particularly for the University Research section

Some people get confused between the terms Backup and Archiving often thinking they are the same which they are dfinitely not. Backups involve making copies of live data to be used in the event of a disaster or data loss. Archives are for long term storage of data that is intended to be used at a later time, it may not be used but it is available if needed.

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